The guild typically organizes one or more workshops each year.  Although guild members get
first priority, if additional spots remain in any workshop, non-members may sign up.  Higher
fees may be charged for non-members.

Upcoming workshops:
March 10, 2017 - Designing Blankets, with Peggy Hart.  

In this half day workshop, weavers will consider materials and patterns, and plan a blanket.
They will also prepare to weave a sample swatch to test the chosen yarn with the pattern.
Wool yarns can both celebrate and confound even the best pattern.

She will bring blankets to share as well as samples swatches that didn’t make it into a
blanket. I’ve lived in Ghana, and have been much influenced by West African strip weave. I will
also share strip woven treasures, and talk about how to design a strip woven blanket if you
don’t happen to own a 10 foot loom. She will also talk about finishing techniques and options.

March 11-12, 2017 - Single Color Designs, with Peggy Hart.  In designing blankets for sheep
farmers, Peggy is forever exploring single color patterning: how to create contrast with weave
structure and which structures are the most effective. In this session, designing a one-color
piece will cover choosing yarns and weave structure(s), determining sett, sampling, and
finishing techniques. Considerations in design will include: floats, playing with length and
making them “pop;” contrast in warp/weft surfaces (e.g. damask); combining different weight
yarns in thick/thin patterning; lace weaves and other textural patterns; and properties of
different wool breeds which can be employed in design (considering shrinkage and luster).
For example, a fine Merino (which shrinks substantially more than other breeds) can be used
in floats to make interesting surface relief. Other breeds are known for their luster, felting
properties, etc. Students will design and weave a shawl using their own handspun wool.

Past workshops have included:
Alternatives to knotted fringe, with Mimi Smith
Doubleweave, with Mimi Smith
Bumps, Pleats, Ruffles and Wrinkles on Purpose, with Barbara Herbster.
Fabulous chenille scarves, with Dena Gartenstein.
Designing with blocks, with Martha Hubbard
Rep weave, with Lucienne Coifman
Hudson-Mohawk Weavers' Guild
Sample from rep weave workshop, October 2011.